Playing Laser Tag Game

Laser Tag is a multi player video game played in a theme based arena. Laser tag is a multiplayer game played in a dark arena. Players wear a battle vest and hold a laser gun to tag other players to accomplish a team mission. There are multiple game play missions as listed below. The most common being Team Death Match


The Experience

The game is fast paced high adrenil role playing game. The players need to work in teams and plan their strategy to approach the mission.

Laser Tag is an amazing fun experience for all ages. Come and experience the game which takes you to experience a altogether different world and role play as action heros.


Our Arena

We have a large 2000 sq ft Sci Fi Themed arena which is great to host group plays of upto 16 people. The arena maze is uniquely designed in a manner which makes the game play much more interesting.

Check out some of the Artwork


Tips and Tricks

  • Dress in comfortable clothes and footware
  • Wear dark color clothes. Light color tend to show bright in arena lights
  • Plan your team strategy based on the game play you are planning to play

Plan a game

You can invite your friends from Facebook and plan for playing Laser Tag Game at Laser Republic.

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Laser Tag Game Configurations

Laser Tag can be played in different configuration, the most common is the Team Death Match.

  • Death Match:
    All players play individually and are allowed to shoot anyone in the arena. The objective of the game is to gain as many number of points. In such a scenario different or same colors can be assigned to each player. Typically this is played when number of players are less than 8.
  • Team Death Match:
    Players are divided into two or more teams. The objective of the game is to score the hightest score individuall and as a team. A base station is assigned to each of the team. The players can shoot only opponents from the other team and capture the base station
  • Limited Ammo:
    Restrict the number of total Ammunations available to Individual in the game. the ammunations can also be supplied in steps. for example every 2 minutes 50 bullets
  • Limited Team Ammo:
    Restrict the number of total ammunations available to the team as a whole. The members need to plan a strategy for optimizing with the limited resources available. the ammunations can also be supplied in steps. for example every 3 minutes 300 bullets
  • God Mode:
    In birthday party like situations the birthday girl / boy can play in God mode. Noone can kill the person playing in god mode
  • Agents and Humans:*
    Players are divided into Agents and humans. Agents play as Red and Humans as Green. The Agent can shoot a human to transform into an Agent. Conversely Humans can shoot agents to transform them back to Humans. when all players become of one type the game resets them back to original for the next round.
  • Domination:*
    Shoot the base station to take control. the control goes away when the opponent shoots the base station. the longer you retain the control with you, the more you score.
  • Capture the Flag:*
    Players shoot at the opponent team base station to capture the flag. The lights appear flashing on the player carrying the flag . The person carrying the flag can pass on the flag to another player in the team by shooting him while opponents try to rescue the flag back by shooting at the player carrying it. The objective of the game is to take the flag to the your team base station.

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