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We are the pioneers of manufacturing laser tag gaming equipment in India.

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Setup your Laser Tag Gaming Center

If you are interested in setting up a laser tag business, we can help you all the way. We can provide you with best of the equipment features, Local Support and quick delivery time to get you started and breakeven quickly.


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Frequently asked questions

How much arena space is required

  • Small - 8-10 Players
    Arena: 1200 sq ft
  • Medium - 12-14 players
    Arena: 1500 sq ft
  • Large - 16 players
    Arena: 2000 sq ft

Playing Capacity: No of Players * 10 Operational Hours per day * 4 Games play per Hour

How much revenue can be generated

Laser Tag is a fast revenue generating gaming business. Typical charges for a Laser Tag Game of 10 minutes is Rs. 200 per person on weekend and Rs. 150 on weekday. For a group of 12 player game the revenue generated for a game of 10 minutes would be Rs 2400/-

What is the investment required to start Laser Tag Business

The investment required ranges from 10 Lakh to 30 Lakhs depending on the laser tag equipment model and capacity

Can I bring down my upfront cost

Yes we have following engagement models

  • Equipment Sale
  • Pay By Use
  • Franchise Model
  • Revenue Share

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